Dienstag, Juni 01, 2004

Marktpotential von Hotels, Motels, Lodging Houses, Freizeit- und Erholungsinfrastruktur in Polen.

Am 29. Juni 2004 findet im Intercontinental Warschau die 4. Annual Conference zum Thema "Hotels and Tourism development of leisure infrastructure in Poland" statt. Veranstalter ist Eurobuild Poland. Die Referenten:
  • Marek Dabrowski, Colliers: "Hotels, motels, lodging houses, leisure and recreation facilities in Poland: Market potential. Present condition of tourism and leisure infrastructure in most popular tourist destinations and major Polish cities. Future growth prospects."
  • Simon Hudspeth, HVS International: "Hotel financing: growing interest from investment funds in the sector of hotels and recreation facilities. How will the new methods of financing be received in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries?"
  • Sam Hurst, Tri Hospitality: "Hotel investment market. Can Polish hotels become an attractive investment product?"
  • Marius Gomola, Horwath Consulting: "Case Study: Growth potential of Polish tourist regions. Can development of international tourist class hotel chains in Polish tourist regions such as Mazury, Zakopane and the Baltic Sea coast support development of the tourism industry?"
  • Ireneusz Weglowski, Orbis: "Case Study: Prospects for development of hotel infrastructure on the Polish Baltic Sea coast and in other Baltic States."
  • John Quero, Rialto Hotel, Warsaw Destination Alliance: "Advantages of Poland on the European tourism market: Will EU accession and development of cheap airlines increase Poland's competitiveness with other countries?"
  • Mark Wynne Smith, JLL Hotels: "Regional review of the hotel investment market and the prospects for future markets".
  • John Cherrington, Atkins Global: "Exploiting and entering new markets".