Sonntag, Februar 13, 2005

Britische Kneipenkette Weaterspoon: teilweise rauchfrei.

Im Vorgriff auf ein Rauchverbot in Großbritannien, daß in zwei Jahren in Kraft treten soll, stellt die britische Kneipenkette Weatherspoon zum 4. Mai 2005 60 ihrer 650 Pubs auf rauchfrei um. Chairman Tim Martin sagt:
"An increasing percentage of the population is giving up smoking and a significant number of people are staying away from pubs and restaurants because they are too smoky.

Wetherspoon pioneered non-smoking areas, but we now feel that it's the right time to go one step further.

The government's approach to the issue of a smoking ban does not make sense, since pubs can get around it by giving up food sales.

We believe that the Wetherspoon approach of a complete ban after a period of notice is the right one."
(Quelle: Pressemitteilung von J.D. Weatherspoon).