Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2005

The Mermaid Inn.

Es ist schon erstaunlich, was Bonny Kang während ihres dreitägigen New York-Trips so alles verdrückt. Vor ihrem Diner im "Taisho Yakitori." hat sie schon mal im Fischrestaurant "The Mermaid Inn" in East Village gegessen und fotografiert.

Küchenchef ist Mikey Price, Inhaber: Jimmy Bradley und Danny Abrams,. Flaschenweine gibt es mit einem für New Yorker Verhältnisse erstaunlich günstigem Korkengeld von 15 Dollar. Ein Traum nicht nur für Beatniks und alle, die draußen sitzen wollen.

Zur Philosophie der Betreiber:
"The old adage about doing what you love and success will follow rings true for Jimmy Bradley and Danny Abrams. In 1999, they opened their first restaurant, The Red Cat, because they wanted to have fun. Or more precisely, if they were going to work hard at something, it better be for themselves and at a place where having fun is tantamount to just about everything else.

Jimmy and Danny's mission is simple - focus on the things that matter most. In five years as partners, they have opened four restaurants, each of which conveys a distinctive personality and experience. By paying attention to the basics - true hospitality, great food, casually sophisticated atmosphere - they have nailed the fine art of giving the people what they want.

Making it personal is a Beanstalk trademark. The company believes that a great dining experience begins with an engaging staff. They attract talent by offering them the opportunity to work for a company that truly gives a damn. The enthusiasm and dedication is contagious. Walk into a Beanstalk restaurant and you sense the welcoming attitude, feel the attentive service, and catch the fun they're having. And you want to be part of it."