Montag, Juli 17, 2006


Vermutlich bin ich nicht der einzige, den man mit dieser E-Mail schröpfen möchte:
"Hello Mister and Madam,

I name myself Mr. LOUIS JAQUES, I would like to pass a reservation in your restaurant for the marriage of my first wire the 29/07/2006, then I would like to know if you can make me all the complete menu for a marriage like inviting 50 people.

I would like all the same to announce my budget to you for the marriage of my son according to that PLEASE forwarded me the invoice which could returned in my budget.

I have a budget of 10 Euros miles for the marriage of my son, I would like that that is the best marriage of the year in best restoring world it is for that I chose your room.

All the same as I am not in my local country and than I am currently in Tripoli for a seminar of work with economic big bosses it there with a very small problem on the leavel of the payment of the plane tickets for the Steering Committee, I would like to know if I could pay all remotely the expenses by international Credit card (Card Visa., Master Card.).

Any time I would like forwards to you my Steering Committee which will come the 24/07/2006 for all to prepare with you before the marriage.

PS: There is a very small problem on the level of the Travel Agency which must issue the tickets for the Steering Committee because the committee leaves ABIDJAN for your room, the owner of the travel Agency requires money species as I am not in Abidjan currently I currently do not have liquidity on me but I lay out only that my credit card to make all other purchases, also I would like to know if you can takes in addition to the invoice of the MENU of the Marriage the sum of 5000 EUROS for the tickets of the Steering Committee which you will forward via Western Union to the person in charge for the travel Agency located has ABIDJAN BYAH TRAVELS in the name of the director of the travel agency that I you will forward these co-ordinates during the payment.

In waiting of a favorable answer, because it is your room which I wish for this somptieux marriage.

Very Cordially.

Mr. LOUIS,."
Lesen Sie zu diesem Trug: "Betrug mit Western Union", in: Quintessenz, eine Sendung des WDR 2, vom Mai 2004.