Mittwoch, September 13, 2006

Fraenkische Biere auf dem Bierfestival in Bruessel.

Auf dem diesjährigen Bruxellensis Bierfestival am 9. und 10. September 2006 in Brüssel gab es neben vielen Bieren aus Belgien auch eine kleine, feine Auswahl fränkischer Biere, selektiert von dem amerikanischen Bierimporteur Daniel Shelton. Die Aussteller erläutern:
"we have selected some of our favorite beers from the region of Franconia, Germany. Franconia, in the northern part of Bavaria, has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the world, and here you will find the true beer Mecca, Bamberg.

The countryside surrounding this superb baroque city is reminiscent of Belgium in the early 1900s -- even the smallest village has its own brewery. With an unwavering adherence to centuries-old traditions of brewing methods and ingredients, and a very strong beer culture, Franconia is paradise for beer lovers, and we are very pleased to offer some of the best of this region at Bruxellensis."
Mehr über dieses Bierfestival erzählt John White in seiner Ankündigung, in: White Beer Travels.