Freitag, Dezember 01, 2006

Rauchverbot im schottischen Gastgewerbe.

In Schottland gilt seit dem 26. März 2006 ein Rauchverbot auch im Gastgewerbe. Die offizielle Website Clearing the air Scotland informiert, wenn auch einseitig, darüber.

Interessant sind die Ausführungen über das Rauchverbot im Gastgewerbe in den FAQs. Sie verdeutlichen, daß der Teufel im Detail steckt (von mir hervorgehoben):
"Hospitality sector

Hotels, bed and breakfasts etc.

Hotels, boarding houses, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, inns and hostels which have two or more bedrooms set apart for the sleeping accommodation of guests are covered by the new law. However, as a proprietor you will have the ability to designate one or more bedrooms where the occupants can smoke. The designated room should have a ventilation system which does not ventilate into any other part of the no-smoking premises and should be clearly marked as a room in which smoking is permitted. You are not, however, required to designate any rooms for smokers, if you do not wish to do so. Communal areas of your hotel will require to be smoke-free.

Self-catering accommodation

Not caught by the smoke-free law.

Private clubs, e.g. rugby clubs, snooker clubs, golf clubs, working men's clubs etc.

Premises which are being used by and for the purposes of a club or other unincorporated association, and which are wholly or substantially enclosed, are affected by the new law. Members and staff of private clubs deserve the same protection from the health effects of second-hand smoke as much as anyone else.


Caught by the smoke-free law. Some publicans are concerned at what will happen if they cannot stop someone smoking in their pub. However, the vast majority of the population are law abiding citizens and we envisage high levels of self-compliance. The reasonable measures which you will be required to take are outlined above. If you take all reasonable measures to prevent smoking and the customer will not extinguish his or her cigarette or leave the premises, you will not be liable under the legislation. There will also be a national call-line where you can report the incident.

What about a marquee?

The definition of premises includes any tent, marquee or stall. They would therefore be caught by the legislation, if wholly or substantially enclosed.

Will pubs lose their licence if they allow smoking in their premises?

They may do. Failure to comply with the law will be taken into account in licensing decisions under the new licensing regime which is also being brought into effect.