Mittwoch, Februar 11, 2009

Grosses Tamtam.

Eine ganz große Show hat Kentucky Fried Chicken inszeniert und das alles nur, um Sonderangebote für 0,99 US-Cent zu propagieren, also 1 Cent billiger als die Ein-Dollar-Angebote von McDonald's:
"One of America's most guarded trade secrets, Colonel Sanders' handwritten Original Recipe, made a quiet return to its Louisville home last night. Accompanied by armed guards, KFC brought back the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices to its newly modernized and remodeled home....

The Secret Recipe's new high-tech home is like something out of a Hollywood movie. The custom-built, digital FireKing safe protecting the Secret Recipe weighs more than 770 lbs and has a 1/2" thick steel door. The computerized safe also boasts a dual-opening system that requires both a smart key and a personal identification number (PIN). A built-in silent alarm and time lock feature provide additional layers of safekeeping, which will alert the security team of any attempted intrusion and allow access to the safe only during pre-set periods of time."
Weiterlesen: "Marketing: Colonel Sanders' Handwritten KFC Secret Recipe Returns to Louisville", in: Restaurant & Institutions Magazine vom 11. Februar 2009.